Job Postings

All applicants applying for a PA position,must use their own private automobile, which must be able to pass a vehicle inspection.

BucknerFri. Sat. 11p-7aDSPBrenda Lory
CharlotteMon. Tue Wed. 3p-9pDSPBrenda Lory
CharlotteSat. Sun. 7a-9pDSP/pendingBrenda Lory
EleazerMon-Fri 3p-11pDSPBarbara Brandon
Parkway westSat 9a-1pDSPBarbara Brandon
Personal AssistantSat. Sun. 8a - 4pDSP/PAAlaina Glasgow
Personal AssistantMon. 6a - 4pDSP/PAAlaina Glasgow
Personal AssistantSat. 12p - 4pDSP/PAAlaina Glasgow
RickertSat. 7a-3p Sun. 7a-3pDSPBrenda Lory
RickertMon.-Fri. 3p-8pDSPBrenda Lory
LightfootSat., Sun., 7a-11pDSP/pendingBrenda Lory
109 Cardinal3p-11p Wed/Thurs; 11p-7a Fri/SatDSPBarbara  Brandon
LightfootTue. 11p-7aDSPBrenda Lory
Sylvis BSat. Sun. 7a-3p, Sat. 11p-7aNURSEBrenda Lory
ECF CharlotteSat 9a-2p; Every other Mon 5p-9pDSP/ECFCindy McLean
ECF NunnellyTues Thurs Fri 8a-2pDSP/ECFCindy McLean
CottonwoodFri 11p-Sat3p/ Sat 11p-Sun 3pDSPBarbara Brandon
ECF Kingston SpringsEvery Saturday 10a-3pDSP/ECFCindy McLean
Personal Assistant Ashland CityEvery other Saturday 7:30a-4:30pDSPCindy McLean
ECF Hickman countyTues 9a-12p Wed 9a-1p Sat 9a-1pDSP/ECFCindy McLean
Center Ave.Friday 11p-7a, Sat. Sun. 7a-3pDSPBrenda Lory
Central High7a-11p Sat/SunDSPBarbara Brandon
Luther7a-11p Sat/SunDSPBarbara Brandon
Hwy 48 N3p-11p Mon-FriDSPBarbara Brandon
WaverlyMon-Fri 3p-11pDSPBrenda Lory
Rickert Sun. Mon. 11p-7aDSPBrenda Lory
Cedar streetTues-Sat 11p-7aDSPBarbara Brandon
Central HighThurs/Fri 11p-7aDSPBarbara Brandon
206 Parkway WestTues/ Wed 11p-7aDSPBarbara Brandon